“All good things come to an end.”
Words said a man much wiser than myself. But it wasn’t because he really meant it – it was only because he had heard it somewhere else first and thought it made him sound clever. Lucky for all you dummies, the ON3P Worst Topsheet Contest isn’t a good thing. It’s a terrible thing. And it’s back for 2012.

That’s right – ignoring that little voice inside of us that has been screaming “Don’t do it to yourselves, not again!”, we are officially embarking again into this grotesque journey into the unknown.

Before we release the gauntlet – PLEASE READ THE RULES CAREFULLY IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A SERIOUS SHOT. Every year, we have several entries that have to be disqualified for one reason or another. This tragedy can be averted by what’s probably a 2nd or 3rd grade level skill set, assuming you weren’t that kid who sat in the corner and ate snot while the other kids made up new names to call you. The contest is open submission until April 27th. You even get to choose any non-limited edition ski in our line to put it on. Did you get all that Booger Bandit? I bet you didn’t. Gross.

No, the winner can not swap out the graphics that they make for stock graphics. It doesn’t work that way. On the one hand, you get a pair of badass, handmade skis for free. On the other hand… well, you’re being punished for being a crappy enough artist to “win”.


After the first year of the contest, people complained that chose the “Best” graphics. Yea, the creator of the grizzlycorn got a free pair of skis, but only because nobody has ever come up with a more awesome fantastic animal, so don’t try. He wasn’t the only winner, he’s just the more celebrated of the two.

Last year, we let you all decide who would win – well again you chose a graphic that we wouldn’t be completely embarrassed to ski on… He was also a team rider. Major facepalm, we can’t trust you with anything…

This year, we will choose a graphic that makes our stomachs turn because it’s truly what we believe to be the WORST entry. So, don’t try to make us laugh… try to make us cry.

To view last year’s winne…. losers…. check the article here:

This year, we are giving away two pairs of skis! 

Most Popular - Enter the contest, if your topsheet is bad enough to be selected as a finalist, it’ll go to a head to head round with the other top picks. Voting will narrow down the selections to one, there can only be one! Upload your entry on the 9th of April, submissions will end on the 27th of April, at which time the voting period will begin. Good luck!

Employee Pick - A edumacated panel of judges will go through all of the entries and vote on the favorite. To enter this, you can either submit your topsheet via the NS contest upload system, or you can post it in the thread. We’ll keep submissions open in the thread until the very night of the panel!

To enter the contest, click here

And may the worst win!

One of the two winners in the first years contest, the elusive and mystical Grizzlycorn.

And the glorious Grizzlycorn base.

This entry was too good not to reward. The Stephen Hawking on Caylor took employee pick the first year.

Luke Tanaka is a ON3P sponsored rider, but his “Fishsticks” topsheet won by popular vote in our contests second year. We asked him to choose another winner since he already gets free skis from us, and gave him his winning topsheet on one of his team skis.

Tanaka’s pick out of the entries in our second year, “Ferrets”.

The employee pick last year, “VIP Section” embodied some truly horrible graphic art. We especially liked the disco balls, pink poodles and dictators. 

Entries for the popular vote close on APRIL 28TH, so get those topsheets going!

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