It’s that time of year. 12/13 production is over, so it’s time to start tweaking the factory, modify or add some new machinery, and get ready to do it all again. After only one production cycle in our new space, we knew there would be things we wanted to change and the remodel has already begun. A couple more weeks of work and we should be back at it again.

In the meantime, our remaining 12/13 ski inventory is now on sale for between $75 to $200 off, depending on model & inventory. A lot of skis are already sold out, but if we have what you are looking for, now will be the best time to get it at any sort of discount.

Find out more details in our store.

For those curious about any ON3P veneers for 13/14, we will be putting the twenty-five (25) available veneer slots up for sale in the coming months. Check back for details on their availability soon.

Next time we update this, the factory will likely look fairly different. Until then, I will leave you with a few shots from around the factory over the past few days. Enjoy.

Prototype 13.14 Pillowfights. And yes, the bases are being pressed flat here.

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