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After approaching perfection this season, the Wrenegade returns for 13 / 14 largely unchanged. Its gradual tail rocker allows for maneuverability in soft snow and trees, while its tip shape provides excellent float and stability in variable snow. This ski is for those who enjoy nothing less than bombing down the mountain as fast as possible.  With its larger turning radius and stiff flex, the Wrenegade demands a strong skier who has the ability to ski them the right way.  If you are up to the task, make sure to not get carried away with the added boost of confidence a pair of Wrenegades strapped to your feet will give.

This year, the Wrenegade will be offered with the option of a tour layup. The ski will feature the same incredible stability granted by the shape and flex of the standard Wrenegade. However, the carbon fiber layup will be substantially lighter, in order to allow you to hit summits faster… because more summits means more straightlines.





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