Cease and Desist

Cease & Desist

An original amongst many imitators, the Cease & Desist returns unchanged for this year.  Conceived as a deep snow, high speed weapon, the addition of RES paired with ample rocker delivers an unparalleled ride for those looking to achieve mach speeds in the deepest snow.  A stiff flex keeps the skis stable at speed and provides a huge landing platform for big drops.  Our 100% bamboo cores, while damp, retain significant responsiveness to keep the skis lively and responsive, even in bottomless snow.

Utilizing the same Tour Layup as the Steeple, the Cease & Desist remains light weight for a ski of its size.  Our 1.8mm, 4001 Durasurf bases preloaded with wax from our hot box process make the fastest line between you and fun, a straight one.





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