Cease and Desist

Cease & Desist

General Provisions: The Cease and Desist returns as our preeminent freeride deep powder ski. In design and prototyping of this ski, we asked ourselves “do speed limit laws apply to pedestrians?“ and it’s this question that has always driven the shape and construction of this, our most ultimate powder charger.

Offenses and Evidence:

(811.172) Failure to return to your wife and kids in the lodge because you were skiing glorious, untracked sidecountry and didn’t want lunch anyways.

(811.424) Operating in violation of open container law, penalty.

(811.145) Failure to resist reckless and hair raising chutes and lines that may, or may not, have a mandatory cliff somewhere down there.

(811.232) Attempt to elude ski patrol, family, friends on a powder day.

This year, the Cease and Desist gains a lot from our Reverse Elliptical Sidecut (RES) design. With increased effective edge, the Cease and Desist will be more stable than previous models, with enhanced edge grip. The layup of the Cease and Desist will also change; with full width top and bottom carbon stringers, the weight of the ski will be dramatically reduced, without sacrificing stability or stiffness.





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