Billy Goat

Occasionally, everything about a design just seems to fall into place, as has been the case with our best selling ski and the pinnacle of our efforts to create the ultimate directional soft snow ski.  Featuring Reverse Elliptical Sidecut (RES), elliptical tip & tail rocker with slight camber underfoot, and tip & tail taper, the Billy Goat has quickly become the go-to ski for many of us at ON3P any time the snow is soft (and often when it is not).  RES, which results in the skis being completely reverse sidecut from boot center on towards the tips, ensures that the Billy Goat will remain highly capable in any sort of soft snow by preventing the skis from experiencing any hookiness felt by the sidecut of a traditional ski.  RES also provides the skis with a long effective edge and specially oriented contact zone in the tip, which results in a highly capable soft-snow ski that can also rip groomers and hard snow without the loss of edge grip and performance experienced in many hybrid or reverse sidecut skis.

For those looking for a lighter option to save weight for backcountry touring, the Billy Goat Tour is available, featuring a thinner core profile, lighter fiberglass layer, and full width, top & bottom unidirectional carbon fiber.

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