MSRP – $799

In what has proved to be our most elaborate design process to date, the traditional, positive sidecut at the tip of the Billy Goat was turned completely on its head, resulting in ON3P’s Reverse Elliptical Sidecut (RES). Our goal was to create a soft snow ski that maintains the level of maneuverability seen in fully reverse sidecut skis while also providing the stability and edge hold of traditional sidecut shape. The result was a design that, initially, seemed nothing less than ridiculous, but is now one of the most advanced freeride skis on the market. By incorporating RES in the tips with a large, traditional turn radius in the tail, the Billy Goat allows for incredible maneuverability in soft snow, ensuring it remains an exceptional tree ski while maintaining the shape and stability needed to make huge turns at high speed.

To provide excellent hardpack performance, RES has been designed to establish a Dynamic Contact Zone (DCZ) in the tips, which allows for the creation of a simulated turn radius with the traditional sidecut tail. This results in a ski with excellent edge hold and hardpack capability while maintaining the key design aspects that maximize soft snow performance. Combined with our elliptical rocker profile, a medium-stiff flex, and top & bottom carbon fiber stringers, the Billy Goat is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

For 12/13, we are also offering the Billy Goat Tour, featuring the same great dimensions and rocker profile as the Billy Goat with a completely redesigned, substantially thinner core profile. In combination with our Tour Layup, the result is a highly capable, light weight touring option for skiers looking to explore the backcountry.



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