Here it is. What started off as a far fetched discussion in our office one night after work is now a reality. This ski is primarily the brainchild of David Steele and Josh Anderson, and its their outlandish and untraditional desires in ski shapes that we have to thank. The design and concept was ridiculous, but the prototypes skied ridiculously well, and so we had to give this ski a topsheet worthy of such lunacy.

First, just a summary of this ski and what its about. The ski comes in two lengths, 186cm and 196cm.

- Crazy amounts of rocker
- Superfat dimensions
- Medium stiffness
- 100% bamboo core
- Full width carbon fiber
- Innovative taper and dimensions

It is our ultimate tool for deep snow. These skis are being produced in very limited quantities, 15 pairs of each size.

Every ski is unique, because each buyer gets to select their favorite topsheet for their pair. The topsheets were laboriously hand crafted by one of our esteemed graphic artists, incorporating shots taken during our Pillowfight photo shoot we had over the summer. The photo shoot was actually a lot of work, but I dont think we could be happier with the results. So, without further ado, we present the culmination of all our hard work.

We also put a little video together of some fun the four of us got up to on the prototype Pillowfights, mixed in with some clips taken during the photo shoot. Big thanks to Toy Soldier Productions and Josh Anderson for providing additional gnarly footage.

ON3P Pillowfight from Scott Andrus on Vimeo.

We took over 1500 photos during the photo shoot. These are some of our favorites. The ladies deserve a huge thank you for helping us out on this, we truly could not have made this happen without you.

It truly is.

Special edition employee topsheet, headed your way:

Sweet dreams.

Thats it from us, feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions about this or any of our skis.

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